• Abby Jacoby-Thompson

I wrote a musical (with a lot of help, of course)

We have a score for our musical! Thanks to the AMAZING Annalise Southwood and Scott David Bradner, our music is now fully realized and on it’s way through the mastering process. This was a huge learning process for us all and was not without bumps and challenges, but we were all able to finally hear our rough recordings this week and it was all worth it. All the blood, sweat, and tears of this process have resulted in a score with heart, whimsy, and humanness that have surpassed my imagination.

Music rehearsal and table read BTS:

Instrumentals DAY 1 in the recording studio! This day was a mostly Scott impressing us with the plethora of instruments he plays. We also had to tack on a couple short sessions to get the violin, harm, and cello recorded...

Then we did a day of vocals!

This is a CRAZY process with so much learning!

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