• Abby Jacoby-Thompson

COVID-19 Postponement

This is the message that went out to everyone that pledged support to our campaign. I want to put it in this blog too because I think it captures an important decision in our production...

A message to our followers:

Hello all,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the postponement of production on The Beast of Aberdeen. With the recent advancements of the COVID-19 virus, we no longer believe it is in everyone’s best interest to move forward with the production at this time. The health and well-being of our team comes first in these unprecedented times. Our current tentative timeline for resuming production is Fall 2020. Since this film relies so heavily on winter weather, even if the outbreak improved in the next couple months, we cannot appropriately shoot our story in the summer.

Have no fear! This is NOT a cancelation, we are only postponing for a future date when we are all safe and healthy. We WILL make this film. Your help and the hard work of our team is not going to be wasted. In fact, we’ll have even more time to prepare (which is crazy because we're ready NOW!). We’ll be entering our screenplay and soundtrack into festivals and competitions and we’ll continue to craft our puppet stages remotely.

Some contributor rewards will come a little later due to this change, but we are excited to share our soundtrack with those of you that pledge $50 or more within the next few weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. 

Thank you for your continuous support. We would be lying if we said we weren’t heartbroken by the recent developments, but the decision to postpone was easy. 

We can’t wait to tell this story! 

Stay safe and healthy out there.

“The world is full of heartache, but hope comes with a song.”

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