About Abby

Abby Jacoby-Thompson is a Pacific Northwest based writer, director, and producer. Abby is most known for her work on her independently produced short film, Lovely Legs (2018). She is currently in post-production on a short social horror, Empire of Vogue. And her short musical film, The Beast of Aberdeen, is currently postponed until fall 2021 due to COVID-19. 


Abby’s love of film is rooted in a passion for collaborative creativity, unique characters, and the subtlety of relationships and dialogue. As a Pacific Northwest native, her work is inspired by the history and aesthetic of her home. Genre storytelling with an emphasis on sci-fi and horror are her bread and butter.

Abby holds a degree in film production from Portland State University. 

Film Work

The Beast of Aberdeen | Pre-Production


Empire of Vogue | Post-Production


Lovely Legs | 2018


Sex Tape to Save the World | 2016